Solve the mystery of body weight with this new book “Intuitive Body Rebalancing for Weight Control”

March 2022, Malaga, Marbella

The solution to achieving a healthy body weight has been revealed in a newly published book ‘Intuitive Body Rebalancing for Weight Control’ (available from Amazon) which outlines a new technique called the AriLiz Method. The technique works by identifying the imbalances and regulating the body’s inner temperature, in both the overweight and underweight individuals, to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

AriLiz was founded by German psychologist and therapist, Ariane Wittgreen Antinori and English spiritual healer and therapist Liz Chapman. With a shared passion for healing the emotional, physical and mental issues affecting so many lives, Ariane and Liz began working together, combining their knowledge, research and experience to help others.

The AriLiz Method
The ‘AriLiz’ Method, is the result of detailed research undertaken by Liz Chapman and therapist Ariane Wittgreen Antinori, whose combined knowledge, experiences and techniques have enabled the creation of innovative therapies to help people achieve better mental and physical wellbeing.

Life Experiences and Research
Throughout their formative years Ariane and Liz endured a constant struggle to gain and lose weight respectively. This led to a lifetime of testing different methods and in-depth research in order to create the AriLiz Method.

The AriLiz Method is based on the thermoregulation system. Their research and personal experience have shown that by becoming better connected to your body, you can rebalance your inner body temperature and achieve the desired results without the need to change your lifestyle. Following this method, Ariane gained the required amount of weight and now maintains a healthy body image. Similarly, Liz has lost an amazing amount of weight and the weight is continuing to drop off even whilst continuing to eat the food she loves.

Weight is a global issue
As reported by the World Health organisation (WHO) obesity and malnourishment are complex problems, there are 1.9 billion overweight adults and 462 million people below a health body weight. Testing holistically and spiritually has enabled Ariliz to devise a new method, a technique that has so far been ignored by science.

Dr Susan Phoenix BSc (Hons) PHD, a high-profile psychologist and author reviewed the Ariliz Method, ‘If you always knew that the old mantra of “calories in versus calories out” for weight control never worked for you – then re nourish your soul energy now. Learn how to utilise your own evolving knowledge of the living organism that is YOU. Analytical science meets spirituality in a balanced package of common sense.

Intuitive Body Rebalancing for Weight Control
Liz Before After - AriLiz

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