Intuitive Body Rebalancing for Weight Control


AriLiz is committed to combining scientific research with holistic testing and spiritual guidance to find the answers that your body wants you to understand. They believe that the human body is not designed to be ill, damaged, overweight, underweight or in distress. The body is in partnership with the soul to experience physical life on Planet Earth. Why would the Universe create a flawed container for the human soul?

Mind and body - Ariliz


AriLiz was founded by German Psychologist and Therapist, Ariane Wittgreen Antinori and English Spiritual Healer and Therapist Liz Chapman. With a shared passion for healing the emotional, physical and mental issues affecting so many lives, Ariane and Liz began working together, combining their knowledge, studies and experience to help others.


Special offer! With every ALways card you will be given a full cleansing of your intuitive and energetic field. This will remove any attachments, entities, dead souls etc that are causing issues in your life. Normally this would cost £150 but is free when you purchase any of our ALways cards.


Once we have the details of your health issues we will carry out all the necessary checks to see what your body needs to reset your health, allowing you to live life to your full potential. Our bodies were not designed to be ill, overweight or functioning poorly. By asking your body what is needed we can impregnate the natural remedies onto your personal ALways card. Just carry it and allow the magic to happen!


Since we have been using these cards on ourselves we feel so much better, fitter with more vitality and are noticing improvements to our skin, eyes and brain functions. We have studied all the anti aging products available and looked at the remedies that nature supplies in order to enhance our bodies inside and out. Once we know the areas of your body that need a boost we will impregnate the remedies onto your personal ALways card. We can’t stop time but we can slow its effects!


This is designed to help those who feel their energy is being depleted by others, like they pull your good energy out for themselves leaving you feeling tired and low. Do you feel exhausted when you have been around lots of people all with their different energies? Do you feel that you pick up the low energies or negative feelings of friends or family? Do the emotions of others affect how you feel? Do you have people who send bad thoughts or ill will towards you? These are signs that you need protection. With the work we do we often find that our energies have been overtaken or have negativity that isn’t ours. Since using the ALways cards we have felt much safer and completely protected at all times. You deserve to feel protected!