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Special offer! With every protection card you will be given a full cleansing of your intuitive and energetic field. This will remove any attachments, entities, dead souls etc that are causing issues in your life. Normally this would cost £150 but is free when you purchase an ALways protection card.

In the world as it is there are so many bad energies around us, people facing difficulties, jealousy, fear, and anger; and your mind, body and soul can absorb these energies disrupting your well being. Protecting your energy with our ALways card allows you to be less affected by the emotions of others, keeping those negative energies away and raising your positivity!

It is especially useful for spiritual workers, healers and therapists who can be affected by the energy of their patients or influenced by negative spiritual activity. As we work in this area we found that the more we worked the easier it became to pick up unwanted energies attracted by our spiritual connections. We felt at times as though we were under attack from negative entities but once we created our own ALways cards there have been no more attacks or overtaken energies. Keep positive, keep safe, keep protected with your own personal ALways card!

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