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Self-help book video
Self-help book video

Relates the story of Ariane’s troubled early life and the traumas she encountered, then how she used her experiences to try to find help for herself and consequently being able to help others. You can read about the variety of courses and therapies she studied, and how she created a unique way to mix therapies in order to resolve a client’s issues quickly and permanently. In order for you to fully understand how amazing her work is, the book gives numerous case studies – showing the types of problems brought to her and how she found a solution. Helping people overcome trauma is so important to Ariane that she then proceeds to help you see a way through your own difficulties, following this with a simple, but effective, technique to bring you relief from your own personal issues. Remember… many of the difficulties and traumas you encounter in life have not been created by you. Sometimes they are the issues of close family or friends that you have taken over, or sometimes it can be a situation created by someone to make them feel better about themselves. It is rarely your fault, it is rarely your problem and it is rare that a therapist will show you techniques to help yourself. Time to let those demons go, free yourself and live life in happiness and joy.

Holistic energy medicine at its best. Free your own soul by learning from this wise woman’s combined education and experience. Therapy you will relate to – from real life lessons in earth school.
Dr Susan Phoenix BSc (Hons) PHD


Self-help book video
Self-help book video

Details the research carried out by Ariane and Liz to solve the mystery of body weight. With Ariane struggling to maintain a healthy weight and Liz struggling to lose weight they looked at the differences between them, tested body systems and researched scientific findings to see if there was a simple answer to weight issues. Being able to test holistically and spiritually gave an added dimension to their work, a technique ignored by science. This developed into a simple formula, The AriLiz Method, for bringing the body into balance allowing it to return your body weight to its optimal position. Ariane gained back her lost weight and now maintains a healthy body image without changes to her lifestyle. Liz has lost an amazing amount of weight and this weight continues to drop even though she eats the foods she loves. Once the body is in balance the only choices you have to make regarding food are your personal preferences or those advantageous to your health. No more feeling you will put on weight by walking past a cake shop! The body changes and through this method you become better connected to your body, knowing when it requires food and knowing when it doesn’t. The research, testing and full method are explained easily and simply in this book to help you regain control of your weight… permanently.

If you always knew that the old mantra of “calories in versus calories out” for weight control never worked for you – then re nourish your soul energy now. Learn how to utilise your own evolving knowledge of the living organism that is YOU. Analytical science meets spirituality in a balanced package of common sense.
Dr Susan Phoenix BSc (Hons) PH

Intuitive Body Rebalancing for Weight Control