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If only there was a simple remedy for life’s problems! Now there is… using the latest digital and holistic technology we have created a method to synthesise all the natural remedies your mind and body need, adding in healing codes and positive intentions, and then impregnating these digitally onto a card that you can carry. The information is contained in a specialised 9 dimensional hologram created for AriLiz. The absorption of the information from the hologram is easily accepted by your body and will last ALways. Remember the body is far more intelligent than even scientists realise, and when the mind and body work together in harmony the results are phenomenal!

Whilst we are still working on new ways to improve life and well being we are proud to launch the first 3 cards available to assist the rebalancing and empowering of the mind and body.


The most exciting feature of the cards is that your card will be designed individually, just for you! After a video consultation we test all the natural remedies at our disposal, our healing products and codes, add in the intentions needed before synthesising all the resultant energy onto your personal holograph endowed card. By carrying the card with you at all times, and placing by your bed at night, this energy is slowly released into your body systems influencing the improvement in their efficiency. It is not an immediate result, it provides a slow but permanent release of healing energy but an ALways card and its blessings will last forever. After a few months you will begin to feel the beneficial changes to your well being.

Another amazing advantage is that it is a onetime purchase, so no more need to buy expensive supplements or medication every month! Think of the savings you will make while boosting your happiness, well being and life!

ALways Cards - Ariliz


Once we have the details of your health issues we will carry out all the necessary checks to see what your body needs to reset your health, allowing you to live life to your full potential. Our bodies were not designed to be ill, overweight or functioning poorly. By asking your body what is needed we can impregnate the natural remedies onto your personal ALways card. Just carry it and allow the magic to happen!


Since we have been using these cards on ourselves we feel so much better, fitter with more vitality and are noticing improvements to our skin, eyes and brain functions. We have studied all the anti aging products available and looked at the remedies that nature supplies in order to enhance our bodies inside and out. Once we know the areas of your body that need a boost we will impregnate the remedies onto your personal ALways card. We can’t stop time but we can slow its effects!


This is designed to help those who feel their energy is being depleted by others, like they pull your good energy out for themselves leaving you feeling tired and low. Do you feel exhausted when you have been around lots of people all with their different energies? Do you feel that you pick up the low energies or negative feelings of friends or family? Do the emotions of others affect how you feel? Do you have people who send bad thoughts or ill will towards you? These are signs that you need protection. With the work we do we often find that our energies have been overtaken or have negativity that isn’t ours. Since using the ALways cards we have felt much safer and completely protected at all times. You deserve to feel protected!


The cards will last forever, but if your situation changes then you can have them updated to include new circumstances. All you need to do is fill in the contact form on the following pages and we will contact you to organise a time for a video consultation. This can be done by Facetime, Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp. Once we have all the information we will test all the products in our research centre to find the ones that your mind and body require. Using our catalystic laser system we will synthesise a hologram for your card and post it to you. Simple but effective!