Learn about ground-breaking mental health self-help system in newly launched book “What does it have to do with me?”

March 2022, Malaga, Marbella

Family therapist and holistic remedy practitioner, Ariane Wittgreen Antinori and Liz Chapman, collectively known as AriLiz, have published a new self-help book ‘What Does it Have to do with Me?’ as a guide to help others overcome trauma.

AriLiz was founded by German Psychologist and Therapist, Ariane Wittgreen Antinori and English Spiritual Healer and Therapist Liz Chapman. With a shared passion for healing the emotional, physical and mental issues affecting so many lives, Ariane and Liz began working together, combining their knowledge, studies and experience to help others.

The techniques provided are based on Ariane’s personal experience of overcoming a traumatic childhood, presenting a new perspective on how to bring relief to those who are suffering mentally. The book includes numerous case studies covering a range of issues and illustrates how these patients learned how to work through their difficulties, thereby achieving a greater sense of mental wellbeing and healing.

It is a ground-breaking system that helps other identify their issues and escape from under the weight of other people’s negativity, enabling them to disconnect from their problems without the need for long-term therapy sessions.

Mental health crisis
As reported in November 2021 in Forbes, “discussions on mental health have never been more vital”. The article confirms the rise in mental health issues over the last 30 years. The conclusion is that more needs to be done to help those in need, and as a result their problems could be overcome.

Ariane explains, “I have encountered many traumas throughout my life and have used these experiences to help myself and now I am passionate about sharing this knowledge to help others. Trauma is rarely your fault, it is rarely your problem, and it is also rare that a therapist will show you the technique to help yourself.”

Esteemed psychologist and author Dr Susan Phoenix BSc (Hons) PHD, reviewed the Ariliz Technique and provided the following endorsement, “Holistic energy medicine at its best. Free your own soul by learning from this wise woman’s combined education and experience. Therapy you will relate to – from real life lessons in earth school.”

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